Finding Followers and Fans in Social Media

Once again, Hilary Hutcheson of Outside Media gave an in-depth and practical workshop on Social Media for our last Manager Forum for the year. What’s the Just One Thing take-away?

Finding Followers and Fans!

If you are dipping your toe into the Social Media ocean, the next step is to find people to interact with your organization through this medium. Hilary discussed finding Followers (Twitter) and Fans (Facebook).

For Both Twitter and Facebook:

Include information on your Fan Page and your Twitter account in all of your marketing documents, your e-mail signatures, and your website. Folks can then become a Fan or Follower.

For a Facebook Fan Page of your organization:

Using your e-mail address book of clients, donors, and volunteers, use the “Find Friends” feature to find out who is using Facebook and ask them to be your friend. Then, on your Fan Page, click on “Suggest to Friends” to invite them to become a Fan.

For your organization’s Twitter account:

Like Facebook, you can use your e-mail address book to find out who is on Twitter.

Just as important, define the focus of your Twitter account and follow the Twitter accounts in that focus area. For example, NpDP’s focus is on nonprofits in the Flathead. So, we will be Following the Tweets of area nonprofits. (Let us know if you are setting up a Twitter account so we can Follow you!) Then, those nonprofits can then choose to follow NpDP’s Tweets. Bingo! We will then have Followers! (hint, hint!)

The third way to find Followers is to use hash-tags. Folks can set up categories (hash-tags) to Follow subject matters throughout the Tweets of Twitter users. You can use to set up your hash-tags, and, like the last way, you can Follow Twitter users who are talking about your subject matter. Then, they can choose to Follow you.

Viola! Fans and Followers!


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