Just One Thing: Finding Stats for Your Grants

At last week’s Brown Bag, Susan Ockert of the Montana Department of Commerce highlighted a number of sources to find essential statistics for grant writing.

One of the most useful sources is the
American Community Survey
. Previously, demographic, socioeconomic and housing data was updated once every ten years. Now, reliable and timely data is available each year through the American Community Survey.

If you are looking for employment information, Susan pointed us to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. The Bureau of Economic Analysis captures the same labor information as the Department of Labor, as well as, employment statistics on farms, sole proprietors, clergy, railroad, and military. The Department of Labor information, by the way, is found here, also known as Our Facts Your Future.

The final source Susan discussed was on the Department of Health and Human Services. The site gives county health profiles and health and public assistance statistics.


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