Employee Engagement in a Slow Economy

Few nonprofits can say that they have escaped the recent economic slow-down. We have had to cut expenses, trim forecasts, and identify any possible cost-saving measure. And, with the nature of the nonprofit funding cycle, many of us will likely be operating on reduce funds even as the economy begins to improve. Employees typically form the bulk of a company’s cost, therefore many businesses have needed to analyze staffing, compensation, and benefits. Often, companies have had to lay off employees or cut hours of current staff.

Against this bleak backdrop, the topic of employee retention and engagement seems to be irrelevant. How does a company think of “retaining” an employee while also considering layoffs? And, why should I bother to be “attractive” to employees, when there are so many people looking for work? Well, don’t give up! Employee engagement and retention is as important as ever!

June’s Brown Bag session “Employee Engagement in a Slow Economy” will address the following topics:
* Low-cost and no-cost employee engagement strategies
* Laying the groundwork for being a nonprofit employer of choice
* Cutting employment expenses while still communicating to employees how valuable they are
* Laying off employees with dignity in hopes of preserving their loyalty in the future

Employee Engagement in a Slow Economy

Thursday, June 10, 2010, 11:30 am – 1 pm

Museum at Central School
124 First Avenue East, Kalispell

presented by the Nonprofit Development Partnership

Please RSVP to rsvp@npdp.org or 406/756-3618 to ensure enough seating and handouts if you plan to attend.

About the presenter
Kristin Donahue believes that they key to success in business is helping others find success in themselves. Kristin is the owner/lead consultant of Employment Dimensions Consulting Services, LLC, a human resources consulting firm focused on employee retention.

Kristin has nine years experience in the human resource field. She has provided customized training and worked with both large and small businesses on all types of human resource projects. Before moving to the Flathead Valley, Kristin spent five years as a Retention Specialist with a large health care system of 2800+ employees in Fort Collins, Colorado. She is also an adjunct faculty member of the Continuing Education Department of FVCC teaching supervisory skills and business development workshops. Kristin also spent time at Northwest Healthcare as an Employee Relations Specialist. Kristin holds a Masters degree in Human Resource Development from Colorado State University.

For information, contact:
email: admin@npdp.org
Phone #: 406/756-3618


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