Year-End Giving and Resources

Traditionally, year-end donations can benefit donors who are concerned about their tax obligations. This year; however, year-end donations are predicted to decrease while these donors wait to see the outcome of three key legislative policies: the renewal or expiration of federal tax cuts on itemized charitable deductions, the status of the federal estate taxes and the possible federal extension of IRA rollover benefits to charities. Instead of focusing on these uncertainties in giving, check out the following resources to promote year-end giving:

Endow Montana

The Montana Endowment Tax Credit is a certainty until December 31, 2013 in Montana’s tax code. To find out more about the tax credit and how to introduce your donors to planned giving:

The 2010 Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy

Every two years, Bank of America sponsors the research of the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University to look at the behaviors and attitudes toward charitable giving by high net worth individuals. This research can help shape the conversations between your nonprofit and donors.


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