Just One Thing: Communicating your Mission with Heart

At our February Brown Bag, Communicating your Mission with Heart, Michelle Skaletski-Boyd of Soul-Felt Words brought the audience to the heart. The heart that has its own set of neuropathways. The heart that gives us our instincts. The heart that is best approached through the art of storytelling. The type of storytelling that answers:

who the audience is and helps them understand the purpose of your mission

what you want the audience to know and feel about your mission

where you will take the audience during the course of your presentation

why the audience would want to be involved

when you will give the audience the gift of becoming involved

how the audience will understand the mission: the authentic, trustworthy story of your mission that each person can embrace with their heart and mind.

Yes, it’s the 5 Ws (and 1 Hs) of telling the story of your mission, beginning first with the heart.


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