Reflecting on 2011 and the Future: Nonprofit Town Hall

Last Thursday, 47 folks gathered in the classroom of the Museum at Central School to reflect. Going into 2011, nonprofit leaders held a cautious optimism for the year. While 2011 brought about many successes, it was also filled with instability. Instability in the political, cultural, societal and economic arenas. That instability challenged nonprofits in their delivery of services, retention of staff and volunteers, and pursuit of additional funding. To buffer that instability, more organizations and individuals looked for ways to communicate, partner and collaborate together.

That theme of collaboration continued into the reflection on 2012. Collaboration – both interpersonal and organizational – is seen as one way to build stronger organizations, to maintain quality services, and to communicate to the general public and legislators about the role of nonprofits in our community. These leaders are also looking for ways to diversify their funding, their Boards, their clients, their programs, and their volunteer pool. Finally, the past year of instability is forcing these nonprofit leaders to find ways to reduce stress and burn-out this year.

We have posted the notes from the Nonprofit Town Hall.

Bigfork Eagle attended the Town Hall and reported back.

Also, be sure to read the Flathead Beacon’s take on the Nonprofit Town Hall.


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