Just One Thing: Tools for Your Journey to Wellness

After the stress-inducing topic on Disasters in February, we brought in Kimberly Irlbeck and Deb Harding from the Summit Medical Fitness Center to discuss wellness in the midst of our rewarding, but sometimes stressful jobs with nonprofits.

In a presentation packed with easy tips and reflections, Irlbeck and Harding led attendees through seven tools on a journey to wellness:

1. Walk. Take those 2 government-mandated 15 minutes breaks each day to go for a walk around the block. These walk breaks quickly add up to 150 minutes of exercise a week!
2. Sunshine. Soak up natural rays of Vitamin D.
3. Breathing. Before approaching a stressful moment, take a few deep breaths.
4. Hydrate. Drinking enough water each day increases concentration and lowers physical stress. Plan for one-half of your body weight in ounces of water each day.
5. Stretches. Get up each hour and stretch your body.
6. Nutrition. Look for ways to plan for healthy meals and snacks.
7. Positivity. Counter stress by encouraging positive emotions like joy and gratitude.


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