Bragging on the Board

Gil Jordan of the Museum at Central School sent us this submission about his Board. It was too cool not to share:

“At the Museum at Central School, we do not have a formal, written “give or get off” policy for our board, but we do require that they all be current paid members. We also encourage them to donate to our annual year-end appeal (no specific amount—whatever they can afford), and all of them do—so yes, we’re 100% on board giving

Beyond that, as a “working board”, they all contribute in their own way, working on committees, staging events (and attending, which is important), serving as docents or in other volunteer positions (like welcome desk, in collections & acquisitions, as event hosts or on clean up days, all of which help them understand how the organization works day-to-day), promoting the Museum in the community, and donating in-kind services and goods.

Ours is a terrific board, being super-supportive of staff and our programs, yet not micro-managing, but providing careful oversight where needed, offering creative and constructive ideas, and being willing to follow up with the work required to make good ideas a reality.

We are blessed with a nice mix of veterans from the organization’s beginnings with the institutional knowledge that comes with that, augmented with new blood recruited from the best of various segments of the Flathead Valley community. Our board includes active or retired lawyers, bankers, realtors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, former city council members, travel agents, office managers, timber executives, salesmen, teachers and professors, all of whom bring their wide range of experiences to running the organization. We have an equal number of men and women on our board, and have representation from five different valley communities.

I’ve been given more than my share of credit for our success during the seven and a half years I have been here, but all you need do is look at the above to realize our board deserves a lot of credit for the progress we have made.”


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