Special Announcement from the Montana Nonprofit Association

A special invitation from Jono McKinney,
Montana Nonprofit Association Board Chair

Greetings –

I’m writing today not only as a nonprofit colleague, but as the Chairman of the Board for the Montana Nonprofit Association (MNA). Through my work with MNA, I’ve come to recognize the importance of MNA’s policy work on behalf of the nonprofit sector. With that in mind, I want to extend a special invitation to you regarding the annual MNA Conference being held in Helena September 19-21.

In addition to the exceptional learning opportunities that are the hallmark of the MNA conference, this year’s event includes a Candidate’s Forum.  Candidates (and/or representatives) for the Attorney General,  Gubernatorial and Congressional races will address the audience during two-day conference.

I think we all know the time for going it alone in the nonprofit sector is long past. It is important to me that our elected officials see and hear firsthand from a clear, strong, and united sector.  In this instance – quantity matters. At the MNA conference, our public partners will have the rare opportunity to see the power of the sector at play as they address an audience of hundreds of nonprofit leaders from across Montana.

The opportunity for us to “show up” as a sector rather than individual organizations comes around just once every two years when MNA convenes policy makers and nonprofit leaders.   I’m writing because I hope you will join us to not only reap the benefits of this professional development opportunity for nonprofit leaders, but also engage with the candidates on the issues most at the forefront within the sector.

I encourage you to send this forward to your circles.  Thanks for considering, and I look forward to seeing you in Helena.


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