Using Facebook Interest Lists to Stay in Contact with Nonprofit Pages

The On-the-Go Momma blog posted a great summary on how to use Interest Lists for Facebook Pages.  We’ve excerpted a portion of this blog.  Read the full blog post, The Busy, On-the-Go Momma’s Guide to Everyday Facebook Frustrations here.


Interest Lists*

I see Interest Lists as the easiest way to keep track of pages. I currently have three interest lists set up: 1.) Bloggers on Facebook 2.) Local News and 3.) Organizations I am involved with.

If you “like” a fan page and you want to continue to make sure you see what that page has to say, add it to an interest list. You can find your interest lists located to the left of your Facebook News Feed.

To create your own Interest Lists: click “Add Interests…” (see image above) and follow the prompts. You will select the fan pages and friends you already have to include within the interest list and then name the list.

Every time you “like” a new fan page you have an option to add them to an “INTEREST” List just like you have the option to add friends to you “FRIENDS” Lists.

Tip #3: Pick your Favorites

There are certain lists I’ve created that I like to look at more often then others. (For example: I have an “INTEREST” list that I use often named “Bloggers on FB” set up for all the blogs that I follow with Facebook pages.)

In order to make visiting any lists and fan pages easier, I have learned to add certain lists and pages to my “FAVORITES” area.

The “FAVORITES” area is located right under your own profile name on your newsfeed. This is where you’ll also find your Messages and Events tabs listed.

You can add your favorite lists AND your favorite pages (like On-the-Go Momma!) to this area so they are always immediately accessible (See above image: I have my own fan page listed as a favorite along with my lists I check the most including my Bloggers list.)

To add a “FRIENDS” or “INTEREST” Lists to your Favorites: Hover over the list you want to add to your favorites until the pencil shows up to the left of the list name. Click the pencil and you should see the option to add it to your favorites.

Add a Facebook List to Favorites

To add a Fan Page to your Favorites: Go to the actual Fan Page and then click on the arrow next to Message (see image below) and then click “Add to My Page’s Favorites.

Add a Facebook Fan Page to Favorites


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