GEM Coordinator Job Announcement

Nurturing Center

Reports to: Family Resource Manager
Work Hours: Part-time, 25-29 hours/week, Some Evenings & Weekends

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Mentee, Mentor, Parent Relationships:
o Foster a supportive environment for all participants and build relationship bridges
o Provide frontline support, guidance and listening to girls in the GEM program
o Identify and set appropriate boundaries
o Orient Parents and Mentees about program expectations and benefits
o Check in regularly on health and activity within mentor/mentee relationships
o Intensive use of multiple communication strategies to encourage program participation (i.e. flyers to school, mail, text, email, phone calls)
o Assist mentees in developing academic support systems
o Screen and orient mentors enabling them to support girls in the GEM program
o Provide ongoing mentor contact, resources, support and guidance

Consistent Planning, implementing and facilitating of activities:
o Design and implement a well-rounded variety of workshops 3 to 4 times per month
o Organize outdoor adventure outings

o Plan at least 5 outings throughout the school year
o Plan events 2 times per month in summer

o Organize a celebration for girls completing the program
o Provide or coordinate transportation for mentees for GEM activities, including after-school pick up and return home

Community Relations:
o Maintain strong consistent and open communications with staff at Jr. High/Middle Schools and 2 Kalispell High Schools
o Conduct outreach to recruit mentors and participants
o Maintain positive public image and coordinate with Executive Director and Family Resource Manager to educate the community about the GEM program and The Nurturing Center

Program Infrastructure and Development:
o Maintain program records (Program operation binders etc.), participant records (applications, screens, contact logs, attendance etc.), organizational records (Volunteer hours, releases, proof of insurances, reporting etc.)
o Maintain proper liability insurance for activities and utilize good risk management strategies
o Share and stay current with mentoring and adolescent development publications and trainings
o Program reporting as requested

o Information, facts, statistics, pictures and stories
o Weekly reflective debrief with Family Resource Manager
o Updates monthly with Executive Director & Family Resource Manager

o Evaluate program ensuring relevant periodic benchmarks are collected, analyzed, shared and utilized in long range planning
o Collaborate with Executive Director and Family Resource Manager concerning research of possible grant options and support in grant applications

o Other duties as assigned

Minimum Qualifications:
• A thorough understanding of adolescent issues and the challenges that impact families and our community such as poverty, domestic violence, drug abuse etc.
• Self-motivated, organized, flexible, compassionate
• Passion for youth
• Public speaking skills
• 2 year college degree required, prefer a Bachelor’s degree and 2-3 years of experience working with adolescents
• Certified in first aid and CPR or obtained prior to 1st mentee group event

Physical Demands: sitting, standing, walking, driving
Work Environment: Mostly indoors environment, some travel required
Special Requirements: Some travel required. Must provide own vehicle, have a clean driving record and provide proof of vehicle liability insurance.

To apply: Submit resume to

Opening closes Midnight April 21, 2013


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