Director – ASSIST


Dedicated Volunteers assisting fellow men and women to recover from their current illness.

The Director of ASSIST is a full-time paid position.  The compensation of the position is dependent on the individual’s qualifications.  The Director is responsible for all day to day operations of ASSIST.


  • Passionate about serving the needs of others
  • Adequate knowledge of help available in Flathead Valley for those recovering from illness.
  • Good communicator and self-starter
  • Experienced in supervisory role


  • For Men and Women At Home Recovering From Illness
  1. Assess and screen men and women referred to the Assist Program for service
  2. Oversee the development of a “Person-Centered Service Plan”
  3. Match ASSIST Volunteer for the men and women to be served
  4. Supervise and support the ASSIST Volunteer in completing the “Person-Centered Service Plan”
  5. Meet with men and women served at the completion of services provided
  • Recruitment of ASSIST Volunteers
  1. Continue and maintain contacts with referral sources for Volunteers
  2. Interview individuals indicating interest in volunteering
  3. Coordinate background checks on prospective ASSIST Volunteers
  4. Develop and maintain training program for new ASSIST Volunteers
  • Training of ASSIST Volunteers
  1. Conduct Initial Training Sessions with assistance from experts in the Flathead Valley
  2. Conduct Monthly Volunteer Meetings which include time of training
  3. Provide one-on-one training for ASSIST Volunteers as they begin their service
  • Performance Monitoring of ASSIST Volunteers
  1. Establish standards for performance for ASSIST Volunteers
  2. Observe and obtain feedback concerning the performance of the ASSIST Volunteers
  3. Oversee the monthly reporting required by ASSIST Volunteers
  4. Collection and accumulation of data to assess the results of the ASSIST program



At times, men and women recovering from illness cannot accomplish the steps needed to get well.  This may be due to (1) lack of understanding of what steps are needed to get well, or (2) being unaware of help available in the Flathead Valley, or (3) discouragement and lack of motivation to do what is needed to get well, or (4) lack of transportation to obtain food and medicine, (5) or many other reasons. ASSIST provides trained Volunteers to go to the homes of those recovering from illness and assisting them in getting the help they need.



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