Advocate Coordinator

CASA for Kids, Flathead County


Pay rate begins at $12.00 .

Educational requirements are a Bachelors or Associate with 2 years’ work experience in a relevant social/legal service field. Resumes can be submitted to Questions about the position can be directed to Jamie at 406 755-7208 or via e-mail at

Position closes when filled.

Job Description


The Advocate Coordinator primarily provides professional staff support to CASA advocates, ensuring that children involved with the CASA program receive sound advocacy and early permanency planning. Support provided to CASA advocates will include CASA Coach and advocate supervision, ongoing training and coordination of cases, and assistance with court report writing. This position works in tandem with another Advocate Coordinator. The Advocate Coordinator is a multi-faceted position and will provide administrative support, event support, etc as needed. Working with and/or at the request of the Executive Director or Program Coordinator this position provides professional staff support to the CASA program, ensuring that documents and office space are well organized and easily accessible.


General Duties

  1. Responsible for general clerical duties.
  2. Courteously, empathetically and professionally receive incoming telephone calls and visitors to the office.
  3. Route phone calls to the appropriate person.
  4. Purchase office supplies as directed and within budget guidelines.
  5. Participate in staff meetings.
  6. Supervise volunteers who assist in the office.
  7. Maintain current mailing lists on active CASA advocates, and other pertinent lists.
  8. Coordinate CASA child support activities such as CASA Gift Drive and CASA Scholarship program.
  9. Provide event support and participate in various program events.
  10. Other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

Advocate Duties

  1. Complete CASA training within one year of employment.
  2. Disseminate program information to any person making an inquiry.
  3. Receive applications, mail reference forms, initiate background checks and set up advocate files. Monitor screening process.
  4. Assist in recruiting, screening, and interviewing new advocates.
  5. Plan, schedule and coordinate CASA 201, under the direction of the Program Coordinator.
  6. Plan, schedule and coordinate CASA book club under the direction of the Program Coordinator.
  7. Assist with advocate training and in-services; send notices of meetings to all volunteers.
  8. Assist with advocate reunion’s and socials.
  9. Assist advocates with necessary correspondence and Court Reports; distribute Court Reports to appropriate court personnel and professionals.
  10. Consult with advocates and coaches as appropriate.
  11. Maintain advocate files; record training and in-service attendance; document advocate hours.
  12. Provide support and assistance to the CASA Coaches as needed. Contribute to the development and maximization of the CASA Coaching program under the supervision of the Program Coordinator.
  13. Implement programs that support the recognition and retention of advocates.
  14. Provide training for assigned advocates on specific case issues as needed.
  15. Maintain CASA case files.
  16. Forward discovery documents to advocates and maintain discovery files.
  17. Support the program through reminder calls to advocates re: court attendance, meeting attendance, time logs, well-being reports and so forth. When available, utilize volunteer phone tree, to make the actual calls and follow-up as needed based on the results.
  18. Distribute Foster Care Review and Family Group Decision Making Meeting notifications. Confirm attendance. Attend meetings on behalf of any advocates who are not available.
  19. Date stamp, copy and distribute court documents to advocates and staff. File as appropriate.

Court Duties

  1. Proof read, edit and distribute advocate court reports.
  2. Attend court hearings as needed. Take notes, track court dates and share info with staff and assigned advocates.
  3. Comply with statues, court rules, administrative order and rules, as well as the policies and procedures of the CASA program.
  4. Collect documents from the court house. This will be daily and will rotate through volunteer support staff on a schedule that complements their other responsibilities.

Administrative Duties

  1. Enter advocate time logs in CASA Manager. Contact each advocate monthly who has outstanding time logs, taking the information over the phone. When available, use the volunteer phone tree for this purpose.
  2. Enter case information into CASA Manager, under the guidance of the Program Coordinator.
  3. Provide clerical support to the Board as needed.
  4. Provide clerical support to the program as various program activities require, under the guidance of the Executive Director or Development Coordinator.


  • Strong word processing and computer skills.
  • Excellent communication and follow up skills.
  • Ability to interact positively with the public, advocates, board members, court and state personnel.
  • Ability to maintain statistical program data, files and record systems, and financial records.
  • Commitment to CASA’s goals and mission and a passion for the health and well-being of children.
  • Ability to work flexibly as part of a team, filling various roles as needed for the good of the project.
  • Ability to work cooperatively with different types of personalities.
  • Ability to communicate with, supervise and empower advocates to be effective in their roles.


The Advocate Coordinator is hired by the Board of Trustees on the recommendation of the Executive Director of the program. The Advocate Coordinator reports directly to the Executive Director who is responsible for his/her performance evaluations.


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