May’s Articles of Interest

May 18, 2011

2,300 Small Charities May Be Victims of Identify Theft
Be sure to check to make sure your nonprofit is not a victim of this fraud.

Sanity Saver: What Goes in Your Marketing Bank?
Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog gives a practical solution to have marketing materials readily available.

A New Kind of Transparency: Damage Control in the Age of Facebook
Social media can engage the community in new ways; yet, internal conflicts once isolated in-house may be aired publicly.

Setting Up a Social Media Listening Dashboard
Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog discusses setting up a dashboard to monitor social media conservations directly.


April’s Of Interest Links

April 14, 2011

Are Fundraisers Stupid?

This headline could also be titled to “Are Executive Directors Stupid? Find out why NOT, and a practical tool for fundraising.

The Montana Nonprofit Sector Report

Nonprofits continue to be a vital part of our Montana and Flathead economies as shown by the latest report from the Montana Nonprofit Association released January 2011 for the study period of July 2007 to June 2008.

In fact, reporting Flathead nonprofit employed 2,988 workers, and generated $94 million in wages!

March’s Of Interest Articles

March 11, 2011

You Don’t Need an Empire to Build Strength for Change

Consider sharing your resources to enhance each organization’s mission. Read a case study here.

7 Deadly Sins of Business Storytelling

This article gives practical advice on how to tell your organizational story most effectively.