Nonprofit Job Recruiting Sites

May 10, 2011

Best Nonprofit Job Sites
Blue Avocado rates the best national and regional job sites on the web.

Online Career Center
Montana Nonprofit Association’s online career center gives member nonprofit organizations an affordable, highly visible, and demographically focused place to post job vacancies.

NpDP e-Newsletter
Nonprofit Development Partnership posts local job opportunities in our monthly e-Newsletter and through our social media channels. Please e-mail any announcements by the 25th and 10th.


Google for Nonprofits

April 18, 2011

Google has simplified its offerings and application process for nonprofits. Read more about their free and discounted offerings, including online advertising, Google Apps and Google Earth.

Here’s a link to the Google for Nonprofits homepage to explore all of their offerings.

Google Reader

While not specifically for nonprofits, the Google Reader groups blogs related to nonprofit topics, all in one place.

Once you are at the Google Reader homepage, click on “Browse for stuff.” Either type in a keyword under “Search” or click on “View All 449” and scroll down to the “Nonprofit” folder.

You can also add our Blog to your Google Reader by clicking on “Add a Subscription” and typing in “”


March 17, 2011

TechSoup, the Technology Place for Nonprofits, is running a series on telecommuting, the savings to nonprofits, and the policies necessary to make it effective. Below are three key links in the series:

Are You Ready to Telecommute?
An Objective Checklist to Determine if Your Company and/or You are Ready for Telecommuting

Mobile Computing and Telework: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Telework Policies

Year-End Giving and Resources

December 13, 2010

Traditionally, year-end donations can benefit donors who are concerned about their tax obligations. This year; however, year-end donations are predicted to decrease while these donors wait to see the outcome of three key legislative policies: the renewal or expiration of federal tax cuts on itemized charitable deductions, the status of the federal estate taxes and the possible federal extension of IRA rollover benefits to charities. Instead of focusing on these uncertainties in giving, check out the following resources to promote year-end giving:

Endow Montana

The Montana Endowment Tax Credit is a certainty until December 31, 2013 in Montana’s tax code. To find out more about the tax credit and how to introduce your donors to planned giving:

The 2010 Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy

Every two years, Bank of America sponsors the research of the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University to look at the behaviors and attitudes toward charitable giving by high net worth individuals. This research can help shape the conversations between your nonprofit and donors.

Health Care Reform & Nonprofits

November 18, 2010

There are several recent changes as a part of the health care reform that affect nonprofits in 2010 and 2011. Here are a few:

Small Business Tax Credit

Although most nonprofits do not file an income tax return form, nonprofits that offer health care insurance to their employees may be eligible for a credit. Nonprofits can claim a tax credit if they pay for at least half of the health insurance premiums. The full credit is available to employers with 10 or fewer workers with average annual wages of $25,000. A partial credit is available to employers with up to 25 workers with average annual wages up to $50,000.


Since September 23, nonprofits have an option to grandfather their current health care plan on the renewal date. Nonprofits are then required to inform their employees of material change to their health care plan at least 60 days before the change is effective. To find out more here about the option to grandfather.

Employer Reporting Requirements

The IRS has released a draft Form W-2 which includes a space to list the cost of coverage of employer-sponsored health care plans. However, the IRS has announced that it will defer the reporting requirement so that it is optional in 2011.

SIMPLE Cafeteria Plan

Small employers may now meet safe harbor requirements to offer a simple cafeteria plan. Check with your accountant or insurance representative for more information.

Gifts in Kind International

October 10, 2010

Gifts In Kind International distributes corporate product donations to qualified nonprofit organizations. Donated products include books, toys, personal care products, clothing, computers, home improvement materials, and more. They offer free access to qualified nonprofits.

Software Updates

June 18, 2010

As you may have heard, Microsoft will be releasing its newest Office software. TechSoup, a nonprofit technology resource, has not only evaluated the product, but they offer suggestions when deciding to upgrade your office software and what technical issues you will need to be aware:

TechSoup also offers a number of discount and free software programs to nonprofit, along with advice on technology issues.